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A one (and a half) man translation group for doujinshi, manga, and other comics. Yaoi, het, gen, and NSFW all exist. Multi-fandom.

doujinshi: [Shu ni kawareba aka ni] (EMIYA x Cú Chulainn)

Artist/Group: Shima

Summary: The Hound of Ulster is all sorts of tsundere in the bed which really sends mixed messages to Archer.

Genre(s): Romance

Rating: R for doujinshi sex through the form of vaguely drawn phallic-shaped outlines

Other Notes: I’ve always been rather ambivalent about uke!Lancer and this doujinshi only served to further solidify that ambivalence.

Download: Mediafire


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manga: [GALLOP!! - Chapter 2]

Artist/Group: est em / Maki Satoh

Summary: Some centaur dude really likes shoes and breaks up his friend’s wedding so they can start a shoe store.

Genre(s): Slice-of-life/Friendship

Rating: PG for shoe love

Other Notes: This is part of a manga series about centaurs working and starting small businesses. Not to be confused with Hatarake, Kentauros! which was formally named “Gallop” and also created by the same author.

Download: Mediafire


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doujinshi: [Kono 2-ri, Satsujinki ni Tsuki] (Caster x Ryuunosuke)

Title: Kono 2-ri, Satsujinki ni Tsuki

Artist/Group: Sencya

Summary: A collection of short stories featuring Ryuunosuke and his buddy Caster. They’re so cute you forget you’re dealing with a pair of psychopathic serial killers.

Genre(s): Comedy/Romance/Fluff

Rating: PG+ for kissy-kissy

Other Notes: Page 7 is not translated due to laziness. Also, “好棒” technically means “excellent!” but I’m translating it as AWESOME or COOL because that is Ryuu’s thing.

Download: Mediafire


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Caster x Ryuunosuke doujin sample



I should be done translating Kono 2-ri, Satsujinki ni Tsuki in a week or so. These two adorable douches are slightly elusive characters to me in the Fate fandom so it’s taking me extra long to figure out some of the terminology they’re using…

Short Sam, Vamp & Raiden comic


What I wouldn’t do for some time paradoxed!Vamp x Raiden x Sam interactions right now. Vamp and Sam would troll Jack so hard…

doujinshi: [GOLDENLANCE like a CRAYFISH] (Gilgamesh x Diarmuid)

Artist/Group: たここ

Summary: Diarmuid loses a battle to Gilgamesh… who then, under the guise of “mercy”, proceeds to have his evil way with the Lancer all the while psychologically abusing the hell out of the poor man. Why? Because it’s fun, of course.

Genre(s): Drama/Angst

Rating: R for anime-style rape

Other Notes: Gilgamesh talks real fancy in this comic so be prepared to read between the lines for a lot of the dialogue. Also, thank you anonymous person who helped me translate this. 非常感谢!

Download: Mediafire


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doujinshi: [Eiyuu Ou to Shinpu ga Kubishime Yuetsukkusu Shiteru Manga Kudasai] (Gilgamesh x Kirei)

Artist/Group: ? (If anybody knows the artist who drew this, totally hit me up with their name and possible pixiv account.)

Summary: Gilgamesh accosts Kirei to indulge in the sin of pleasure. Of course, Gil’s and Kirei’s ideas of pleasure are TWO TOTALLY different things…

Genre(s): Drama

Rating: R for sex and kink-play asphyxiation

Download: Mediafire


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*fanmix: [i will never forget for all time - a yuusei/antinomy fanmix]


caught in a jet-stream // caught in a gorgeous howl // all the world lost in noise

And by Yuusei and Antinomy, I really mean, Yuusei/Z-ONE and Antinomy/Bruno/Dark Glass/blue-haired douchebot.

Kind of a mini-FST rather than a full-blown fanmix… mostly because my full-blown fanmixes usually end up being over 30 songs.


*fanmix: [CRY FOR THE EARTH - A Placido/Aporia Fanmix]




Sorry my conscience called in sick again // And I’ve got arrogance down to a science

Finished the Placido/Aporia fanmix… on the airdate of the episode where Antinomy died (whether or not this insinuates something else, I do not know).

It’s a rather large FST with 2 discs and 39 songs chronologically ordered to illustrate the major events in Aporia (and then Placido)’s life.

I do admit, I abused the holy hell out of the “DESTROY THE CITY DAMN GREEDY HUMANS END OF THE WORLDWHARRGARBL” theme… which probably is most evident in the fact that I included the Death Note opening and ending songs in the FST. ._. Good god.

Also I tried super-hard to be as objective as possible and not to sidetrack into headcanon alley… I suppose I did succeed to some degree. The closest thing to headcanon the fanmix implies is that the robot!Placido might have actually missed his unnamed human lover.

doujinshi: [Uneventful Days] (Cú Chulainn x Diarmuid)

Artist/Group: / Gekiha 

Summary: I believe that this story takes place in a world as Lancer Charge where and Dia apparently live a normal, grail-free life together and work office jobs in cubicles. The plot concerns and Dia missing some appointment to attend Archer’s tea party. Or something.

Genre(s): Slice-of-life/Romance

Rating: PG+ for a brief make-out session

Download: Mediafire


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doujinshi: [Non-Norm] (Saber x Diarmuid)

Artist/Group: たここ

Summary: With the holy grail war put on hiatus, two servants have a friendly drink together. Saber gets drunk and tries to make a move on Diarmuid but gets cock-blocked by Diarmuid’s CHIVALRY and the untimely appearance of Gilgamesh. 

Genre(s): Comedy/Romance

Rating: PG+ for near-kissing

Other Notes: I’m the farthest thing from a Lancer/Saber shipper, but I vastly enjoyed this story nonetheless. It has the perfect blend of humor and drama with Saber displaying surprisingly lucid moments in her drunken stupor. 

Download: Mediafire


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50%~ done with GOLDENLANCE like a CRAYFISH.


doujinshi: [Childxcatxkaynethxspec] (Diarmuid x cat!Kayneth)

Artist/Group: Flowerman m2

Summary: When Kayneth becomes chibi for ill-explained reasons, Sola takes this opportunity to turn Kayneth into cat. The rest of the story follows Diarmuid fanboying over how moe his kitty!master is.

Genre(s): Fluff

Rating: PG

Download: Mediafire


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have some raw Japanese scans I’d like to see translated.

A: Truth is, I can’t read Japanese, save for a handful of kanji characters. The language I translate from is Chinese. All my translation projects are essentially just a way for me to practice my bilingualism.

Doujinshis in simplified Chinese are far and few in between, so that really limits the material I can chose from to translate. But if you happen to stumble upon something in Chinese that you would like translated, hit me up and I’ll see what I can do.

Q: So what kind of stuff do you translate?

A: I’m game with anything as long as the material is in simplified Chinese and I already have a vague familiarity of the anime.

As far as what I won’t translate, the only thing I won’t do is yuri.

Q: Hi, um, yes, I read Japanese and I just wanted to inform you that all of your translations are completely wrong.

A: The fact that you’re essentially reading something that started out in Japanese -> which was then translated to Chinese -> and then translated by me into English… it’s really little wonder that some of the original meaning may be lost in translation.

Some of the doujinshi I’ve encountered are translated by someone who clearly isn’t a native Chinese speaker. My guess is that they are either a Japanese student who learned Chinese as a foreign language or vice-versa.

In cases like this, all I can say is… don’t shoot the messenger.

Q: What program do you use to edit?

A: Microsoft Paint. Plain and simple. I have very little experience with any other graphics editing software program like Photoshop, etc.

Q: What fonts do you use?

A: I use Anime Ace BB 2.0 for dialogue, Manga Temple for emotion, and Manga Speak for sound effects and alternate between bold, italics, and different sizes. You can download the fonts here.

Q: The download link on one of your posts is broken!

A: Send me a message and I’ll fix it, thanks!

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